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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chick in simple steps

Difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Key elements: Shapes, Path Editing
In this tutorial we are going to draw a simple Chick using very basic methods of Inkscape .. shapes and paths
You can be more creative and try the other versions of the same drawing as shown at the end
Drawing the basic shape
As usual start by making an oval shape
Using the path editing tool convert the shape to a path and arrange the nodes to get the basic body shape – I’ve added a node at the north-east position and dragged it down and dragged up the east node a bit
To make the hand - duplicate the shape and while holding shift and control scale it down using the select tool
Make a triangle using the pen tool.. arrange the nodes and curves using the path editing tool to make it bit smooth
Position it over the hand we made earlier – make 3..4 duplicates and rotate them as needed
Select the whole thing and Path > Union to combine them
Make 2 duplicates of the wing and position them at the tail and at the opposite side wing. Use Page Down key to send them backward
To make the head first draw it using the oval tool
Add 2 big eyes either from a previous work or draw it using the oval tool
For the beak I’ve used 2 triangles made by using the pen tool - you can use the same triangle used earlier for the wing and adjust the nodes and curves as needed
Just like the beak, legs were driven using the pen tool and adjusted the curves as needed
Here is the final drawing…

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chick2 chick3 chick1

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