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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cute Bunny Face

Difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 20 minutes
Key elements: Shapes, Path Editing

Head shape
Start off by making 3 ovals which are overlapping each other
Select them all and Path > Union .. gives the basic shape of bunny face
Make another 2 ovals overlapping each other and rotate them slightly outwards
Again select Path > Union.. if you want to further refine this shape edit the nodes using the path editing tool
Make a big eye using the oval tool or get an eye from a previous work
Duplicate the eye and arrange them in the head
Add a big black nose below the eyes
To get the mouth.. draw 2 ovals one over the other and select Path > Difference (get the top oval to the front using Page Up key)
Duplicate the path and edit the nodes to make the tongue (I’ve deleted the 2 top most nodes and dragged down the 3 nodes at the top)
Start with drawing an oval.. this time a tall one
Duplicate the shape and scale it down for the inner shade
Duplicate the main shape and cut off the top part using a rectangle (Path > Difference)
Now place the trimmed oval over the other one and arrange nodes of the both shapes (I’ve made only 2 changes – drag up the curve in the cut shape and dragged away the top most node in the vertical oval to the right)
Now.. here is the final drawing
See how you can change the impressions of the bunny by changing the sizes of each object (ears, mouth, eyes etc..)
In coloring the face i’ve never used any gradient fills but a simple trick.. can you figure it out?

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