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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cute Looking Dolphin

Difficulty: Easy

Time to complete: 20 minutes
Key elements: Shapes, Path Editing



Using very basic skills of inkscape you can draw this cute looking dolphin in quick time!

Start by drawing an oval shpe

Using the path editing tool convert the object to a path and drag nodes and curves to get a fishlike shape

Duplicate the shape and arrange the nodes and curves (use the path editing tool) as in the image to get the innerside of the fish

 Using the pen tool draw a fish tail like shape
Again arrange the nodes and curves to form the fish tail - use the path editing tool
Draw an eye using the oval tool or import from a previous work
Add some fins as in the image - draw a shape using the pen tool or oval tool and edit the path, duplicate and send to bottom using the Page Down key
 This is the final drawing... use flat colors or gradient fills to dress-up the dolphin

Finally, don't forget to send us your drawing to include in our free image gallery

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