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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A cute penguin in few steps


Difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 15 minutes
Key elements: Shapes, Path Editing

In this tutorial we going to draw a cute looking penguin using only basic shape tools in Inkscape
Start off by making 3 ovals one large and 2 small for the face
Duplicate the small 2 ovals and drag it away..
Now select earlier 3 ovals and Path > Union
Place the duplicated 2 ovals inside the face – scale it down if needed and select Path > Union again for the small 2 ovals
For the beak draw a small oval shape and convert it to a path
Delete the topmost node and drag down that top curve a bit with the 2 side nodes
Duplicate the shape and scale it down a bit. Position it behind the original shape using the page down key
Add 2 big eyes using the oval tool
For the body start by making a big oval and duplicate and scale it down a bit
Add 2 big legs using the oval tool
I’ve added a thumbs-up hand by drawing an oval and editing its nodes
And here is the final drawing…
Use your creativity to draw a cute penguin and don’t forget to send it to our image gallery

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