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Thursday, July 8, 2010

A Bear in simple steps


Difficulty: Easy
Time to complete: 25 minutes
Key elements: Shapes, Path Editing

In this tutorial we’ll draw a simple bear in quick steps..
Start-off by drawing 2 ovals one at the top and another at the bottom, overlapping each other.
Make 2 more overlapping ovals and Path > Union – to make the face area
Add 2 big eyes using the oval tool
Add a nose, mouth and ears – I’ve used only the oval tool for all shapes

For the body, I’ve used the oval tool to draw the basic shape  and converted it to a path and edited using the node editing tool. Hands and legs are all ovals of different sizes.
Here is the final drawing..
Use your own ideas to draw a cute bear and don’t forget to send it to our image gallery

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