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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bumper Text Effect

This is a popular technique used in many illustrating software.. so I thought to add to my blog too
Start by typing some text using the text tool.. select the text and Path > Object to Path command
Now ungroup the path and select all text and use Path > Combine  command. Now duplicate the path and apply a different color to it. Use Path > Dynamic Offset and drag the handler upward to scale the duplicated path
Send duplicated path backward and create another duplicate of it. Apply a darker color and increase the blur amount – now it will look like a shadow
If you encounter  something like in the above image, use the path editing tool to select all inner nodes and delete them – this will remove all holes inside the shape
Select the text on the top and apply Filter > Shadows and Glows > Inner Glow
Select the shape beneath the text and apply Filter > Bevels > Neon
Finally I’ve added a background to the text using the rectangle tool. Can you figure out how I did the gradient fill?
Hope you enjoy this tutorial and tell me what you think

The screencast for this tutorial is available at youtube

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