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Monday, August 9, 2010

A polygonal Logo

Difficulty Level: Easy
Time to Complete: 20 mts

Again using very basic skills of Inkscape you can create this logo in quick time
Start by drawing a polygon of any size using the polygon/star tool
Duplicate it and scale down the duplicated shape. Rotate a bit. Now apply gradient fills to both shapes separately – colors I’ve used : ffd42a, fce79c, and pure white
Duplicate the large polygon twice and send them behind – apply 2 darker colors: d4aa00 and black. Drag both duplicated polygons to the left a bit

Now to get the cut-out effect draw a star shape over a rectangle shape. Select both shapes and Path > Difference. Now flip the shape vertically and align it with the small polygon at the top. Select both the shapes and Path > Division to divide the small polygon into pieces
Now drag away the pieces little bit to see the large polygon underneath
Do the same with the bottom part of the large polygon
To view some part of the darker polygon at the bottom, you can drag inside the left most node of the large polygon at the top
The screencast will explain this procedure well
Now to complete the logo add some text using the text tool
Hope you enjoy this tutorial and tell me what you think about this technique

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