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Friday, August 6, 2010

Green World Logo

Difficulty level: Easy
Time to Complete: 20 mts

This logo was created in quick time and this is my favourite so far..
Lets start creating this by drawing the top circle
Using the oval tool create a circle, use Path > Object to path to convert it to a path. Drag the top most node upward and adjust the node handles to get  the water drop shape – hint convert the top most node to a corner node
Wrap the water drop with an oval and apply gradient fills (I’ve used 89a02cff, f6ffd5ff, ffffff)
Create 2 overlapping oval shapes, select both and apply Path > Difference to get the shades
Now for the second shape, use oval tool to create the leave shape and (select all 3 shapes and apply Path > Union) duplicate it 3 times
Apply gradients to all shapes and I’ve added transparency to all objects to give it a nice look
Finally added text and that’s all for this tutorial.. hope you’ll like this too

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