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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Letter Effects Logo

Difficulty Level: Easy
Time to Complete: 20 mts

Using only the basic skills of Inkscape, you can create the above logo in quick time
Create a new document and get the text tool to type letter R. Using Text > Text and Font command edit its parameters to make it large enough to see (I’ve used size 72)
Convert the letter to a path using Path> Object to Path. Then ungroup the shape
Get the spiral tool (options I’ve used: turns-4, divergence-5) and make a spiral.  Using the Fill and Stroke dialog increase the stroke width (I’ve used 6). Select the spiral and command Path > Stroke to Path
Align the spiral with letter and select both, command Path > Exclusion to get the effect. Edit the shape using the path editing tool as needed
Now for the wrapping part of the letter use the oval tool to draw a shape and duplicate it. Select both ovals and use Path > Division to divide in to 2 parts
Move the top part slightly downward and apply gradient fills for both shapes. Increase the transparency in both shapes and place the letter in-between the 2 shapes.. and you are done
Hope you enjoy this tutorial.. tell us what you think

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